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E656 "Caimani" working pool on Sicily December 2018

656.009; 030; 039; 040; 046; 052; 091, 093; 099; 289, 294; 424; 431; 435; 462; 492; 497 and 515. Under repair are: 656.033; 063 and 439.

Stored examples on Sicily are 656.443 and 449.

Information as to when they will be replaced suggest perhaps May 2019, with E464 in top and tail mode being reported. All working and repairable passenger sector E656 are now on the island. E656.601 worked an FS historic train on Sunday August 26th from Udine to Sacile, with D345.1118 taking the train forward to Osoppo.

E402A conversions to mono-cabin class E401 total 20 units at the end of November 2018. On conversion they retain their final three digits with 006/007/009/013/015/016, 021-026, 029/031/035/037/039/040 and 042 in service. The following are under conversion 014/017/018/020/032 and 045. Leaving just 14 unconverted examples which mostly are reserved for the night train from trieste to Roma (2 each way). IC551/556/582/591/700 and 707 are booked E401. See below for news.

The popular electric E632 workhorses, affectionately known as Tigre "Tigers", have been laid up over the last three years with the wholesale introduction of the E464 locomotives and increased multiple unit usage. Now, a deal has been reached to dispose of them for scrap with a succession going to recycling over the last few weeks. On May 30th reported the final journeys of 632.007/9/43 and 62 following on from 632.003/6/8/13/18 and 24 the week before.  

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