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FS Diesels

Siena scraps six stored D445

Siena RFI depot sent five D445 for demolition at San Giuseppe di Cairo in 2019. These were: 445.1037 / 1067 / 1079 / 1084 and 445.1089. Also 445.1130 (SI), 445.1013 (RC) and 445.1049 (CG) were scrapped in 2019. 445.1117 was scrapped in 2021 after a short period of service on the Siena turns.


New multiple units will replace D445 on the Siena turns from June 2022, currently Siena has 445.1014/25/50/61/68/73/4 83/5/90/1/1100/11-6/8/9/22/3/9/32/8/42-5/47/8.


Diesel locomotive turns out of Treviso appear to have ceased and 445.1043-6 and 1048 are now all in store.


The IC services from Taranto to Reggio di Calabria are also set to be replaced by multiple units in 2023. Eight D445 have had their multiple work fittings adapted for these services and include: 445.1056/63/86/92/1104/26/8/41. 

The new Treno di Dante began last year, with D445 haulage from Firenze to Ravenna featuring 445.1011 and 1034. 

2022 Passenger Activity Log by depot:




Reggio di Calabria:    

Sulmona*: 445.1145  

Catania*:     Milano*: 

Trieste*:      Napoli*: *

Those marked * are FS Fondazione historic trains.

Photo: Ian Edwards

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