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 FS Historic

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FS Fondazione continue to run a series of historic trains out of Naples.


The museum train to Pietrarsa is usually an E626 with a reserve engine (often 646.028).

Or traverse the little-used diesel line to Pietrelcina and Morcone,  departures alternate between Napoli & Salerno (D345).

The Archeotreno Campania which calls at both Pompeii and Paestum sites uses an E646 (028 or 196). The latter scavi boasts one of the most complete greco-roman temples on the mainland.

Le Rotaie have a programme of events throughout the year which feature D445.1145 as lead loco and often also use D345.1128/1142 or 445.1011.

On Sicily, treno.doc operate E646 and/or D445 hauled trains to Agrigento for the valley of temples and to Ragusa.

After more than eight years, trains are back on the entire route of the Avellino - Rocchetta Sant'Antonio line. To celebrate the event, two historic trains ran Benevento - Avellino - Rocchetta with D345.1142 and 345.1128 in place of the advertised 625 class steam engine.

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